Jauron's feeble poll position weakening

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Whether Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson minds is another story, but those who cared enough to submit a vote in this week's SportsNation NFL head coach approval ratings are even less impressed with Dick Jauron than they were last week.

Yes, it is mathematically possible. But barely. Jauron

Jauron's approval rating dipped to 3 percent at times last week, but he officially closed the poll at 4 percent.

This week, he's solidly at 3 percent already with a large volume of votes cast. Jauron has elicited nearly 3,500 votes as of this posting Tuesday morning. Nobody else had more than 1,100 votes, while several coaches had generated just a couple hundred.

What makes the torrent of disgust against Jauron even more remarkable is that he's not a lightning-rod figure such as Bill Belichick, Eric Mangini or Wade Phillips, who draw votes from haters. Anybody taking the time to vote on Jauron almost certainly is a Bills fan or from the Buffalo area. Jauron doesn't have haters.

Miami Dolphins and New York Jets fans still must've been bleary-eyed after Monday night's tremendous game, a 31-27 Dolphins victory in Land Shark Stadium.

Jets coach Rex Ryan was 10th in the poll with an 85 percent approval rating. Dolphins coach Tony Sparano was 15th at 75 percent, but only a couple of precincts had reported. I suspect those numbers will change quickly.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was in 18th place at 45 percent.