Belichick getting ready for Tebow, Wildcat

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is known for his detailed preparation. That is why it’s no surprise that New England’s defense is working on the Wildcat offense in August, when the Patriots won't face the formation until Week 4 at the earliest.

Belichick knows at least four of New England's 16 games this year will be against the Wildcat. Both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills within the AFC East will run Wildcat packages.

The Jets, in particular, plan to use an extensive Wildcat package with backup quarterback Tim Tebow. New York has been keeping the package under wraps this summer, but that won't stop the Patriots from getting ready for it.

"We're working on things that we know we’re going to see during the year at some point," Belichick told reporters Wednesday. "We're going to see unbalanced line, we’re going to see Wildcat, we’re going to see five down looks on defense, we’re going to see odd spacing, even spacing, some things that we don’t do. When you put the play in, you put the play in against the different looks that you’re going to see. Some of them you see; some of them you walk through."

The Jets and Bills are the two biggest threats to the Patriots in the AFC East. Therefore, stopping their Wildcat packages could be one of the gateways to winning the division. Tebow gave New England some problems last year with the Denver Broncos’ read-option offense. New England can expect to see more of that, and the Patriots need to be prepared.