Brandon Jacobs right about Jets, Giants

Brandon Jacobs is right about this: The Jets have a looooong way to go to catch the Giants in the battle of New York.

Gotham City is Giants country and it will be that way for a while. The Giants have earned it with two recent championships and four Super Bowls since 1970. The Jets have zero titles in that same span.

The Jets currently are winning the media battle in New York, thanks to the acquisition of quarterback Tim Tebow. But that's all the Jets are winning.

Jacobs told CBSSports.com he's not sure what the Jets' problem is. So we offered some assistance.

Here are several reasons why the Jets continue to fall behind the Giants:

  • Quarterback gap: There's a big difference between Eli Manning of the Giants and Mark Sanchez of the Jets. Quarterback is the most important position on the field. The Giants have an elite player at the position, while the Jets are average and inconsistent. When things go wrong in other areas of the team or there are injuries, Manning can lift the Giants' level of play and continue to win games. Sanchez needs everything around him to go right, which makes it harder to win consistently and compete for a championship.

  • Crisis management: The Giants also handle distractions much better than the Jets. Both teams face the same intense media pressure in New York. But while the Giants thrive, the Jets can let it tear the team apart. Last year's implosion by the Jets was a perfect example, and they are still trying to recover from it. If the Jets want to own New York City, they need to know how to stay together.

  • Coaching matters: The Giants have Tom Coughlin, who has tons of experience and is a possible Hall of Fame coach with two championships. The Jets have Rex Ryan, who has just three years of experience and continues to learn on the job. Ryan started fast with two playoff runs but made his biggest gaffe as Jets coach last year. Ryan did not have a handle on the pulse of his locker room and things fell apart. This is a big fourth-year for Ryan to get it right.

Until these three things change, the Giants will continue to have a big advantage over the Jets. Championships matter in New York City and the Giants have figured out the right formula.

Maybe the Jets' chemistry improves, and Sanchez and Ryan are able to eventually catch up to Manning and Coughlin. But I don't see this happening anytime soon.