Four questions for Week 2 of preseason

Week 2 of the preseason is underway, and all four AFC East teams have things to work on.

Here are four questions for this weekend’s game:

No. 1: Will Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill continue momentum?

Thoughts: Tannehill had a terrific rookie debut for the Dolphins last week and added some much-needed excitement with the team. Tannehill can get one step closer to starting in Week 1 with a good follow-up performance Friday night against the Carolina Panthers. Tannehill is in a two-way quarterback battle with veteran Matt Moore, who has been up and down in training camp and the preseason. But Moore won six games last year. So Tannehill has to make sure he outperforms Moore to convince the coaches. Tannehill will reportedly get his first NFL start. He needs to take advantage of this opportunity.

No. 2: Will Jets’ offensive line pass protect better?

Thoughts: Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez was sacked twice in limited playing time last week against the Cincinnati Bengals. This was an issue most of last season, and the Jets didn’t do much this year to improve the personnel. Sanchez needs time in the pocket to produce. He took a beating and was sacked a career-high 39 times in 2011. The right side of the line is the biggest question mark. But overall this group needs to get better at pass protecting. The Jets will face a very good defensive line Saturday with the reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

No. 3: Will Bills’ starting offense go back to basics?

Thoughts: A no-huddle offense and 14 consecutive passes is not something Buffalo plans to do in the regular season. Bills head coach Chan Gailey was experimenting in the preseason opener. But Buffalo's starting offense needs get back to normal -- or closer to it -- in its second preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. Bills running backs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller were both ignored and need more touches this week. I like the idea of a no-huddle, but quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and Co. needs to work on its base offense more in preparation for the Jets in Week 1.

No. 4: Will Patriots RBs continue to shine?

Thoughts: It was a stellar debut for New England second-year running backs Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen. Both players combined for 104 yards and want to earn the trust of the coaching staff Monday against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots’ passing game is elite, which will open plenty of rushing lanes for this young pair of tailbacks. Ridley recently injured his right leg in practice and the severity is unknown. It will be key for both players to stay healthy this year.