Dolphins make good call with Tannehill

The Miami Dolphins spent the entire week trying to decide whether rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill should get his first NFL start. Eventually, Miami made the right call.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Tannehill will start Friday night against the Carolina Panthers. It is a wise move that could mark the beginning of the Tannehill era if the No. 8 overall pick plays well and does enough to hold on to the job.

Earlier this week, we wrote in the AFC East blog that there is no reason Miami is the only team not starting its first-round quarterback. Like Indianapolis, Washington and Cleveland, this is a rebuilding year for the Dolphins, and the future is now. Playing Tannehill now will speed up his development for future seasons and get the Dolphins heading in the right direction.

Veteran Matt Moore is nothing more than a band-aid for the Dolphins. Moore has starting experience but doesn't fit the West Coast offense, hasn't practiced well and has one year left on his contract. There is a good chance neither Moore nor the injured David Garrard will be on Miami's roster in 2013. Tannehill is clearly the long-term solution.

Miami won't be a playoff team in 2012 regardless of who is under center. So the best thing the Dolphins can do this season is develop their young franchise quarterback and build the right way for 2013. That development starts Friday night in the second preseason game -- and Miami should never look back.