Ryan Tannehill keeping pace with Luck

No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts has a preseason passer rating of 87.8. No. 8 overall pick Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins is not far behind with a passer rating of 82.3.

After two preseason games, Tannehill is exceeding expectations and keeping pace with Luck. Tannehill is 25-of-44 for 267 yards and one touchdown. Luck is 26-of-41 for 363 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. One of Luck’s interceptions was a pick-six.

Luck is the undisputed starter for the Colts this season. Tannehill is competing with veteran Matt Moore for reps and playing time in practice and games. But Tannehill may have the inside track to lead Miami. He has shown poise and the ability to make all the throws.

Tannehill was expected to be the least-ready quarterback in the draft, while Luck was viewed as the most prepared. But based purely on preseason numbers, it’s hard to separate the two, which is a credit to Tannehill. Miami’s rookie hasn’t made many bad throws or mistakes, which puts him in good position.

Will Tannehill have rookie growing pains? Absolutely. But the NFL game hasn’t looked too big for the Dolphins’ rookie so far, and that should encourage the Dolphins to continue to start Tannehill for the rest of the preseason.