Fitz, Moore better than Sanchez, Tebow?

Oh boy!

That was my response when I saw Scouts Inc.'s 2012 NFL quarterback rankings. I expected New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was No. 2. So that was not a surprise. But there was plenty of room for debate with the remainder of AFC East quarterbacks.

Here are the rankings:

For starters, Tebow was ranked behind Brian Hoyer. That's not right. I'm not a Tebow guy. But Tebow went 7-4 last year and won a playoff game. Hoyer is not capable of doing that. Tebow deserves more respect in these rankings.

I also disagree with the distance there is between Fitzpatrick and the rest of the AFC East group that includes Sanchez, Moore and Garrard. Fitzpatrick still has a lot to prove in my book. He is in the same boat as Sanchez and others. There isn't much separation and this is a big year for all involved.

Is Sanchez better than Fitzpatrick? Is Hoyer better than Tebow?

What do you agree and disagree with?