Is Tom Brady getting too much rest?

The New England Patriots are nearing their third preseason game Friday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Here are Tom Brady's stats thus far this preseason: two drives, 4-of-7 passing, 30 yards.

Is Brady getting too much rest? It's a valid question after getting little work in the exhibition opener and the night off in Monday's second preseason game.

Sure, Brady is a 35-year-old veteran. He knows what he's doing. But even a quarterback as good as Brady needs live game reps this summer to prepare for the regular season.

New England's Week 1 contest against the Tennessee Titans is just over two weeks away and Brady has played one quarter. The Patriots are a pass-heavy, precision offense where timing is very important. Receivers must be in the right spots, and Brady is expected to put the ball there. But with little game reps, will Brady and New England's offense be sharp enough?

If Brady is going to get any extended reps this preseason, it should be in Friday's game against Tampa Bay. This is the "dress rehearsal" game for the regular season where Brady and the starters usually play about three quarters. Next week's preseason finale is all about survival and getting out of the game as healthy as possible.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick knows his players well. But keep an eye on the few reps Brady received this preseason if he isn't as sharp as usual early in the regular season.