Fins beating up on another preseason favorite

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
MIAMI -- For the second straight game, the Miami Dolphins are toying with an AFC kingpin.

The Dolphins lead the visiting San Diego Chargers 17-3 at halftime.

Keep in mind the Dolphins went 1-15 last year and started the season 0-2. Now they're one half away from knocking off both AFC championship game participants in back-to-back games.

The Dolphins have been daring on offense. They've already executed their Wildcat offense more often than they did in their Week 3 laugher against the New England Patriots, using a no-huddle offense and going for it on fourth down to prolong an eventual touchdown drive.

Here is the breakdown of the seven direct-shotgun-snap plays to running back Ronnie Brown:

  • Brown runs for 2 yards.

  • Brown hands off to Ricky Williams for 1-yard run.

  • Brown runs for 12 yards (first down).

  • Brown runs for 1 yard.

  • Brown runs for 4 yards.

  • Brown runs for 9 yards (first down).

  • Brown runs for 5 yards (touchdown).

The Chargers' offense, meanwhile, has sputtered. Quarterback Philip Rivers (8 of 15 for 58 yards) has been inaccurate even when it's not raining, but the skies have been opening up in bursts. That could make a second-half comeback even more difficult.