Scouts Inc: CB McCourty over Cromartie?

Is Antonio Cromartie overrated? According to Scouts Inc.'s in-depth 2012 player rankings, there are plenty of cornerbacks better than Cromartie.

I was surprised when Cromartie came in at No. 29 in Scouts Inc.'s cornerback rankings. There were surprising corners ranked ahead of Cromartie, such as Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots and Vontae Davis of the Miami Dolphins. McCourty struggled mightly last year. Davis recently lost his starting job to Richard Marshall in training camp.

Here are Scouts Inc.'s AFC East cornerback rankings:

  • No. 1: Darrelle Revis, Jets

  • No. 17: Vontae Davis, Dolphins

  • No. 28: Devin McCourty, Patriots

  • No. 29: Antonio Cromartie, Jets

  • No. 34: Sean Smith, Dolphins

I thought Cromartie would at least be in the top 20. Some would view Cromartie in the top 15 due to his pure athleticism alone. Cromartie still moves well and has playmaking ability. His weakness is tackling.

Is Cromartie's ranking accurate behind McCourty, Davis and 26 other corners? Share your thoughts below.