Poll: Revisiting the Tebow-Hoyer debate

Scouts Inc.'s 2012 quarterback rankings caused a major stir in the AFC East blog on Wednesday. Obviously, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was at the top of the list. But the debate raged with the ranking of the remaining quarterbacks in the division.

One of the most discussed topics was Scouts Inc.'s ranking of Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer over popular New York Jets backup Tim Tebow. We also took the topic to my Twitter account.

Here are a few responses:

  • A_Nisivoccia writes: “If you want a real QB then Hoyer. If you wanna run the ball every play then I guess Tebow works.”

  • BSerious72 writes: “Hoyer >Tebow? As an athlete, no. But at the QB position Tebow is probably one of the 10 WORST passers in the entire league.”

  • Scrociata writes: “Well, one is learning behind Brady and one is learning behind Sanchez. Not difficult.”

  • Tumnus2014 writes: “Agree. Tebow is an awful QB.”

  • Linkmaster111 writes: “They should probably have Hoyer over Sanchez too. Seriously, he's that bad.”

According to the reaction I got on Twitter, most AFC East readers liked Hoyer over Tebow. Now it’s your turn.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on whether you would take Hoyer or Tebow as your starting quarterback. You also can share your thoughts in the comment section below.