What's difference between Young, Jackson?

Blogger Blitz: Teaching Tarvaris Jackson (1:03)

AFC East blogger James Walker wonders how successful the Bills will be if Tarvaris Jackson is called into action (1:03)

Rarely do roster moves at quarterback have little impact. It's the most important position on the field, and the starter and backup have crucial roles in the stability of an offense.

But there is something about cutting Vince Young and trading for Tarvaris Jackson that feels like the Buffalo Bills are spinning their wheels. What is the difference between Young and Jackson? Is either player really an upgrade over the other? They are similar in playing style, age and, in my opinion, talent.

I'm not sure what the Bills see in Jackson that would persuade them to not only release Young but also give up a draft pick and restructure Jackson's contract to acquire him. It's not that Young was great this preseason. (He wasn't.) It's just the difference between the two players doesn't seem worth the additional cost.

Jackson will bring many of the same things to the table that Young did. Jackson is a mobile, veteran backup with starting experience.

Perhaps the Bills just weren't comfortable with Young behind starter Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm sure Buffalo had its reasons. But on paper I don't see much of a difference between Young and Jackson. They are essentially the same player.