Dolphins still laughing over Jets victory

The Miami Dolphins are doing all of the talking now.

And you better believe the New York Jets are listening for future motivation. They'll play again at the Meadowlands.

Jets outside linebacker Calvin Pace was talking softly Wednesday, but after the Dolphins ran 16 Wildcat plays for 110 yards, Pace was fuming Monday night:

"I can't respect that stuff, all that Wildcat. We’re in the NFL. Don’t come here with that nonsense."

Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder replied Wednesday.

"We nonsensed their [butt] all the way up and down the field," Crowder said in a blog by Palm Beach Post reporter Edgar Thompson. "Nonsense, I love nonsense. They say gimmick, gimmick this, gimmick that. We've won games with the Wildcat.

"They ran two fake punts [for first downs on scoring drives]. So if you're going to say gimmicks, those are real gimmicks. Wildcat is an offensive formation. They have thousands of plays on film about it. Go stop it.

"Shut up about all the junk talking. We'll see them in three more weeks, so the hell with them."

Added Dolphins running back and Wildcat conductor Ronnie Brown: "I think we’re all afraid of what we do not understand."