Dolphins, Jets saying no to T.O.

We all know the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets need offense. Specifically, both AFC East teams need help at wide receiver to improve their shaky passing games.

One of the greatest wide receivers off all time is back on the market. Six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens was recently cut by the Seattle Seahawks. But according to reports, both the Jets and the Dolphins are saying “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Owens is 38, has baggage and didn't look great with Seattle. He was able to get open but suffered several drops. Braylon Edwards eventually beat out Owens in Seattle by making more plays.

The Dolphins are cleaning house of players with character issues. So it would make little sense for the Dolphins to sign Owens, unless they were really desperate. I could see the Jets as being a little more likely to give Owens a chance. New York is a veteran team which wants to win now, and its offense has yet to score a preseason touchdown. But Owens’ play no longer warrants the potential headache. Miami and New York both have plenty of issues to deal with.