Ryan calls Monday's loss 'blunt force trauma'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

If you were wondering what New York Jets rookie head coach Rex Ryan's philosophy will be about Monday night's humbling, 31-27 loss to the Miami Dolphins, here is what he had to say Wednesday:

"It's blunt force trauma. We accept that. We always say 'You’ve got to have skin like an armadillo.' We all know that's not skin, but so what? We all know what it means. That's what you have to have. Same thing on me, on the coaches, on each other. That's just the reality of it.

"We never played well. Done. End of conversation. That's in the past. We're focusing on the future. Do I think we have a lot of ability? Can we play a lot better than that? Yes. We went the first four games giving up three touchdowns, but we did that in the fourth quarter alone [Monday night]. That's it. It is what it is. There's no way in heck I would've ever thought that would happen. I never knew it. That's never happened to me before in my life. Again, that's over with.

"I think the challenge in front of us is we've got to get better as a football team, whatever that means. Whether it's running the football, protecting the quarterback, catching the pass, finding a way to get extra yards somewhere, special teams, defense. Whatever it is, we've got to find a way to get better. We haven't been good enough the last two weeks."