Woody can't get enough Tebow

It's a good thing Woody Johnson isn't calling the plays on offense. His "publicity stunt," as Joe Namath puts it -- Tim Tebow -- would get the ball a whole lot.

The Jets' owner, in an appearance on CNBC from the Republican National Convention Wednesday night in Tampa, was questioned about his team's offensive struggles in the preseason. Asked if he'd like to see "more Tebow or less Tebow," Johnson said: "I think you can never have too much Tebow."

I'm sure that'll cause a few eye rolls in the Jets' locker room. Johnson went on to say: "But I think it's more than just that. It's getting all the players ... the offensive line and everything coordinated so you can establish a good running attack ... and also have our receivers healthy and ready to participate and contribute to the effort. It's a lot of timing and teamwork that we need."

A few weeks ago in Cortland, Johnson said he was surprised by the "enormity" of the Tebow coverage. That's hard to believe, considering he allowed ESPN to camp out in Cortland. Meanwhile, Namath continues to bash his former team, once again questioning the motivation behind the Tebow trade.

"I'm concerned with how the Jets are trying to build a team and win a championship," Namath said Wednesday on Sirius XM Radio. "They seem more interested in the headlines."