Wayne Hunter rips Jets fans

Former New York Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter had some choice words for New York Jets fans and media this week.

Consider it Hunter's not-so-nice parting shot.

"They're like sharks," Hunter told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "They let you know (how they feel) right off the bat. And even if you're doing good, they may just not like you for the heck of it. It's brutal over there. Those fans, they know what they want, and they pretty much demand it. So if you don't give it to them, they'll let you know."

Hunter was traded to the St. Louis Rams for former draft bust Jason Smith because both players were struggling and needed a change of scenery. Hunter’s play was awful last season, and it appeared to be getting worse during the preseason. He lost his starting job to Austin Howard.

Hunter was constantly ripped by Jets fans and the media for his play. His technique and footwork in pass protection was horrendous. The right tackle said the Jets treated him well, but not the media and fans in New York.

"There's no words to describe it,” Hunter explained. “If you can handle the 'Concrete Jungle,' you can handle anywhere. I've been through it all."

Hunter, in my experience, was a good person and a standup guy. Hunter always owned up to his mistakes, no matter how bad he played. The bottom line is Hunter simply wasn't very good, and certainly not starting material.

Maybe Hunter improves with a change of scenery. But if he performs in St. Louis like he did in New York, Rams fans eventually will treat Hunter the same way. It's a performance business.