Ron Jaworski on Ryan Tannehill

ESPN NFL analyst and quarterback guru Ron Jaworksi wrote his debut column Thursday. It featured his thoughts on several quarterbacks, including Miami Dolphins rookie Ryan Tannehill.

Here is Jaworski’s analysis:

"Ryan Tannehill had a good preseason, though he doesn't have much around him. Physically, he showed good, high ball carriage and a quick, powerful throwing motion (a little Dan Marino like at the top of his drop). That allowed him to fit the ball into some tight windows even when his timing was a little late. He also showed a good clock in his head and knew when to get rid of the ball. However, he struggled with his progression reading and sometimes showed a tendency to lock on to one half of the field and stare down WRs at times. Some rushed decision-making also prevented Tannehill from letting the play develop, causing him to leave plays on the field, especially down the field."

I agree with this overall assessment of Tannehill. Jaworski hit on many of the same things I saw from Tannehill in training camp practices and the preseason.

The thing that stands out most is his ability to make all the throws. Tannehill has the arm and athleticism to do everything asked of a quarterback in the West Coast offense. However, sometimes it's hard to tell because of his limited wide receivers. Tannehill also needs to do a better job of getting to his second and third progressions. As Jaworski mentioned, Tannehill does have the tendency to stare down his No. 1 option. Opponents will pick up on that quickly in the NFL.