AFC East Homer of the Week

The 2012 regular season is finally upon us.

You know what that means? It means the AFC East homers are coming out to flex their fandom.

Nearly every team in the NFL is 0-0. The Dallas Cowboys (1-0) beat the New York Giants (0-1) on Wednesday night.

We had several good homerific posts. But a Miami Dolphins fan stole the show this week.


Cubitscustoms writes: "Seven Reasons the Dolphins will win:

1. Houston does not know what to expect because the Dolphins are an entirely new team and you cannot game plan for that.

2. The up tempo, no huddle, west coast offense is definitely an advantage to Miami.

3. Miami did not reveal any of their real plays during the preseason.

4. Houston might be looking past the Dolphins.

5. Miami's defense is still the same and did not allow Houston much last year.

6. Houston is picked to win the Super Bowl, so they are probably believing the hype and have already celebrated the championship.

7. Miami's receivers are off Houston's radar which means that they could become like [Kevin] Ogletree was last night in Dallas -- a complete surprise."

James Walker: Cubits, you get points for creativity. I’m sure it was not easy finding seven reasons Miami will upset the Houston Texans. The Dolphins are huge underdogs in this game, and I think Houston is one of the easiest predictions of Week 1. But I noticed no mention of players in your seven reasons. Talent wins games, and Miami is lacking a lot of it. The Texans have it in abundance and will be hyped for this home opener. Congrats, Cubitscustoms, on being our latest "Homer of the Week."