Revisiting Dolphins' first five games

The Miami Dolphins have started a new era in 2012 first-year head coach Joe Philbin and rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It begins Sunday with a tough road game against the Houston Texans.

Philbin said this week that he wants to get the team off to a fast start this year. That is the best way to remain competitive and in the hunt over a 16-game season.

Here is a look at Miami's first five games:

  • Week 1: at Houston

  • Week 2: vs. Oakland

  • Week 3: vs. Jets

  • Week 4: at Arizona

  • Week 5: at Cincinnati

Although Miami is rebuilding, this is not a tough schedule to start the season. The Week 1 game against Houston is the toughest of the five and a probable loss. However, if Miami gets better each week and utilized the most of what it has, it’s not inconceivable that the Dolphins can win two games in this stretch. The key for Miami is winning at home, which is something the team struggled to do the past few years. The Dolphins need to do a better job of establishing home-field advantage. That’s the first step to building a winner.

What record do you predict for Miami after five games?