Esiason, Cowher defend Wildcat as legit

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

A lot of football observers detest that the Miami Dolphins rely on the Wildcat offense. The critics call it a gimmick, a fad, a ploy.

CBS Sports analysts Boomer Esiason and Bill Cowher don't agree with the Dolphins' detractors.

The Wildcat was discussed on "The NFL Today" set.

Esiason: "This is a team that is telling you exactly what they're going to do. They're going to run it right between the tackles. They have the best running back tandem in football between Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. When you line up in that situation, they say, 'Stop us.'

"This is as physical an offensive football team as there is in the NFL. This is not a gimmick. This is legitimate by virtue of the fact that they've run this formation 45 times this year."

Cowher: "I agree. This is a brilliant way of Dan Henning taking the best two offensive football players on the team and getting them in the game and playing them at the same time. That's what this Wildcat is.

"But it is a gimmick for every other team. Let's face it, every other team, you look at the numbers, they're using it maybe three or four times a game. It's a gimmick formation. But in Miami it's a staple of what they do."