Morning take: Big game for Mark Sanchez?

Here are the most interesting stories Sunday in the AFC East:

Morning take: Sanchez historically has struggled against Miami. But this is a huge game, one in which the Jets need their quarterback. Miami’s pass defense isn’t very good, so Sanchez has a chance to perform.

Morning take: Bush is off to a great start this season. New York is struggling stopping the run, but I think this is the game its defense gets back on track.

Morning take: Spiller leads the NFL in rushing, but the word is out. Expect the Browns to do all they can to stop Spiller and force the Bills to throw the football.

  • The Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots both are trying to avoid consecutive losses.

Morning take: A 1-2 start for the Patriots would be bad news, especially for a team many expected to win at least 12 games. I picked Baltimore, but I expect a well-played game from both teams.