Dolphins lead Jets at halftime

MIAMI -- The Dolphins lead the New York Jets, 10-3, at halftime.

Here are some notes at intermission:

  • The game is going as expected. Both teams are trying to impose their will, and it's leading to an ugly, low-scoring game. Both teams are running a lot on first down and trying to show who is more physical. The Dolphins dominated the line of scrimmage on their first drive and that led to a Daniel Thomas touchdown, which is the difference so far in the game.

  • Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is having a poor first half. Sanchez has played poorly in his career against Miami and is doing so again. Sanchez is 8-of-19 for 77 yards and an interception. Sanchez has a first-half passer rating of 32.1.

  • Dolphins running back Reggie Bush injured his left knee at the end of the first half. He walked off the field on his own power, but he was clearly hobbled. Bush did not start the second half with the offense.

  • The Jets used backup quarterback Tim Tebow on a fake punt for the first time. Tebow ran it for 5 yards and got a first-down conversion on fourth down. New York also used Tebow in the Wildcat, H-back and tight end.

  • Replacement officials in this game are clearly more aware of the illegal contact rule. Players around the NFL have complained that the penalty is not being called. But there have been three illegal contact calls in the first half -- two on Dolphins, one on Jets – that have resulted in first downs.

  • Jets coach Rex Ryan picked an interesting mix of players for the opening coin toss. Among them were Tebow, safety Yeremiah Bell and reserve receiver Clyde Gates. Bell and Gates are former Dolphins returning to Miami.