Jones-Drew uses Revis as an example

Two of the biggest names this offseason who wanted new contracts were Pro Bowl running back Maurice Jones-Drew and New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Both were unhappy but took different paths to make their point. Jones-Drew skipped all of training camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars, while Revis showed up on time and hoped something would get worked out with the Jets. Neither player got a raise.

Now, Jones-Drew is pointing to Revis' season-ending knee as an example why players should hold out if they deserve a raise and have leverage.

"Darrelle Revis, for example. He could have held out," Jones-Drew said on The Rich Eisen Podcast. "He wanted a new contract and, knock on wood, hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else. But he gets a freakish injury. Now he has to rehab and do it all over again.

"This game can be taken from us so quickly. When you're producing at a high level, as players, we feel like we should be compensated for that, and obviously that was what my holdout was for."

Jones-Drew has a good point. The AFC East blog re-examined Revis’ contract situation with the Jets after the injury on Monday.

Revis has one year left on his contract and wants a mega-extension that will make him one of the NFL's highest-paid players. However, New York would not want to invest that much into damaged goods. Therefore, the Jets may want Revis to play one more year at a bargain rate to see if he's the same player post-injury. A blown-out knee basically ruined Revis' leverage.

The NFL is a very tough business. Keep an eye on how the Jets handle Revis' money situation in 2013.