Reggie Bush has no sympathy for Jets

The rivalry between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets is an emotional one. That's why it shouldn't be a surprise that Dolphins tailback Reggie Bush has no sympathy for the Jets losing cornerback Darrelle Revis for the season.

"It's like the old saying, 'What goes around comes around,'" Bush said in a radio interview on The Paul and Young Ron Show in South Florida. "They talked about all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player for the rest of the season. So, it's sad that it happened because of that, but I'm going to be back."


Bush injured his knee in the second quarter and clearly remains upset that the Jets talked about putting "hot sauce" on him during the week. New York linebacker Calvin Pace also said after the overtime win that the team wanted to knock Bush out of the game. (Pace later clarified his statement.)

Bush could return as early as Sunday, while Revis won't be back until 2013. It's a harsh response by Bush, but it didn't seem personal towards Revis. It was more his feeling about the Jets as a team. Bush will be looking to get back at the Jets in their next meeting on Oct. 28.