Jackson gives first practice mixed reviews

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson expressed some disappointment after his first practice back from a Week 1 knee injury. Jackson said he was 70 to 75 percent sure he would play in Sunday's big AFC East game against the visiting New England Patriots. But he didn't sound too thrilled about how his recovering right knee responded in practice.

"There's some pain there, but I think just the strength of it is what [the issue] is," Jackson told reporters Wednesday. "It's just being able to trust where I can plant on it and get out of a cut like I used to before I hurt it."

Jackson gave his limited practice mixed reviews, describing it as just "OK." He made it through healthy, which is good. But Jackson also spoke of the awkwardness of wearing a knee brace, which is something he must get used to, and the fear of his knee swelling up overnight. That will be an important factor in whether Jackson can play against New England.

The Bills and Jackson should not be prisoners of the moment. Yes, Sunday's game is big. But it's only one game. The Bills need to be careful Jackson (and C.J. Spiller) are healthy enough not to risk re-injury when they return.

The worse thing that can happen for Buffalo is Jackson injures himself more by trying to come back too soon.