Holmes injury awful news for Mark Sanchez

Last week, the reeling New York Jets lost their best defensive player for the season in Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis. This week, the hits keep coming, as New York will be without its best wide receiver.

Jets No. 1 receiver Santonio Holmes is expected to miss multiple games with a foot injury, ESPNNewYork's Rich Cimini reports. Obviously this injury impacts the team. But the one player it impacts most is Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

This is the worst possible time for Sanchez to lose his most dynamic weapon and best receiver. The leash continues to get shorter for Sanchez, and the chants to play Tim Tebow continue to grow. Sanchez already is struggling without starting tight end Dustin Keller. It's doubtful Sanchez and the passing game can get much better without Holmes.

This is a no-excuses season for Sanchez. He needs to perform now. Sanchez has had four seasons to prove he's a franchise quarterback, so Jets fans won't have much sympathy that Sanchez is playing without his best tight end and No. 1 receiver.

Sanchez needs to figure something out fast. Things were not working even when Holmes was healthy. I don't know if Sanchez can survive much longer as New York's starting quarterback if Holmes doesn't return sooner rather than later.

Holmes' injury could push the Jets one step closer to "Tebow Time."