Morning take: Can Bills recover?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC East:

  • Can the Buffalo Bills recover from a blowout loss to the New England Patriots?

Morning take: I was in Buffalo’s locker room after the game and the many of the players were embarrassed after giving up 52 points -- including 45 points in the second half. The San Francisco 49ers won’t have any sympathy for Buffalo this week.

Morning take: The Darrelle Revis injury was the worst thing to happen to New York. I called it last week and got plenty of emails and tweets from angry Jets fans. But nothing that I saw on Sunday changed my mind that New York can make the playoffs without Revis.

Morning take: This is the least shocking news of the week. Next.

Morning take: A lot of it rests on rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who continues to improve. Miami (1-3) is not going anywhere this year. But the Dolphins have a chance to move up if Tannehill is a franchise quarterback.