Tebow could outlast Sanchez in New York

If New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has it his way -- and he probably will -- popular backup quarterback Tim Tebow will be on the roster for the duration of his contract.

That means it is "Tebow Time" in New York through 2014. It's the owner's orders. No questions asked.

But what does this mean for starting quarterback Mark Sanchez? It means Tebow has a greater chance of outlasting Sanchez in New York.

Johnson also backed Sanchez as the starter for now during his interview with CNBC. But Johnson interestingly did not say Sanchez will be around for the duration of his contract, which expiries in 2016. Sanchez's contract is guaranteed through only 2013. The Jets can get out of the $58.25 million extension they agreed to with Sanchez after next season.

The Tebow-Sanchez dynamic cannot last for three years. The circus atmosphere is too much for the organization and the players involved.

Sanchez is not responding and is putting up shaky numbers resembling his rookie year, and Tebow's production has gone way down as a backup. Tebow, a former first-round draft pick like Sanchez, is not content spending a large chunk of his career as a gimmick and thinks he has more to offer.

The Jets, Sanchez and Tebow can put a pretty face on the situation this year. They may even endure the Sanchez-Tebow circus for the 2013 season. But after that, one quarterback has to go.

According to Johnson, it won't be Tebow.