Memo to Jets: Just play ball

If you can’t beat them, drum up controversy to get under the opponent's skin.

That is the approach the New York Jets (3-3) are taking leading up to Sunday’s rivalry game against the New England Patriots (3-3). The Jets, who were swept by the Patriots last season, continue to badger the self-proclaimed "borderline illegal” offense they will face this afternoon.

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports the Jets have talked to the league office about enforcing the rules against the Patriots’ lightning-quick, no-huddle scheme that leads the league in total offense.

"We have already talked to the league office, and Rex [Ryan] will be in the ref's ear about this all game," a Jets source told Paolantonio.

The Jets are huge underdogs and are pulling out all the tricks to irk the Patriots this week.

First, linebacker Calvin Pace called New England’s offense “borderline illegal.” Then, the Jets played a cat-and-mouse game about whether backup quarterback Tim Tebow will get snaps at running back this week. Now, the Jets have contacted the NFL to enforce the rules to slow down New England’s offense.

Will any of this gamesmanship make the Jets play better? That remains to be seen.

But the Buffalo Bills didn’t complain about New England’s offense. Neither did the Seattle Seahawks.

The Jets need to stop the shenanigans and just play ball.