Morning take: Are Jets improving?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC East:

Morning take: I agree. The Jets blew out the Colts and nearly upset the New England Patriots. New York is not rolling over despite some big injuries.

Morning take: Barring a trade for a dynamic safety or shutdown corner, I think this will remain one of the weakest areas of the team. The Patriots must coach this group up and get a little better each week.

  • Buffalo Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay calls out his defense for not playing hard on every snap.

Morning take: Finally someone in Buffalo’s locker room steps up and calls it like it is. It’s not a talent issue in Buffalo. This is an effort and execution issue.

  • Miami Dolphins receiver Jabar Gaffney and tailback Daniel Thomas could be ready for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

Morning take: For the most part, the Dolphins have been fortunate with injuries. Miami should be close to full strength in a huge rematch with New York.