Poll Friday: Who's to blame in Buffalo?

The Buffalo Bills were the sleeper pick in the AFC East blog to contend for a playoff spot. But after seven games, it turns out the Bills are still sleeping.

Buffalo is 3-4 and has had some embarrassing losses the past few weeks. So who is most to blame for the Bills' woes?

Is it Buffalo's defense? This group was expected to be much better after the $100 million acquisition of Mario Williams. Instead, Williams has disappeared in games and so has the rest of the group. The Bills are dead last in the league in run defense and 20th against the pass.

What about defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt? He took over this group this season and switched Buffalo to a 4-3 defense. But Wannstedt has been unable to get anything out of this talented group.

Does the blame fall on head coach Chan Gailey? He has a 13-26 record in Buffalo and has made some head-scratching decisions. This is the most talent Gailey has had with the Bills and he’s failing to maximize it or motivate the team.

Finally, should most of the ire go toward quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick? His streaky play has killed the Bills at inopportune times. Fitzpatrick has a penchant for throwing interceptions and his inconsistency is reflective of the entire team.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on who deserves the most blame for all that has gone wrong in Buffalo. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.