Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch

This was tricky week to do our "Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch." Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill was injured and Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was on a bye.

However, the show must go on to determine the No. 2 quarterback in the AFC East.

Let’s get to it.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Result: L, 30-9 against Dolphins

Stats: 28-of-54, 283 yards, one TD, one INT

QBR: 12.1

Thoughts: Sanchez did not continue the momentum he had against the New England Patriots. The Jets fell behind early and Sanchez had another dud. Most of his production came in garbage time and he had two big turnovers (one fumble, one interception). The Jets are sticking with Sanchez after the bye week. The Jets are 3-5 and would need to get extremely hot to make a playoff run. That seems unlikely with the way they're playing.

Grade: D+

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

Result: W, 30-9 against Jets

Stats: 2-of-5, 18 yards

QBR: 50.4

Thoughts: Tannehill was injured in the first quarter and never returned to the game. Jets linebacker Calvin Pace sacked Tannehill and injured the quarterback's left knee and quad. You can’t grade Tannehill on less than one quarter of work. Sanchez lucked out this week.

Grade: Incomplete

This week’s winner: Sanchez (three points)

Second place: Tannehill (two points)

Overall standings

No. 1: Sanchez (18 points)

No. 2: Tannehill (16 points)

No. 3: Fitzpatrick (13 points)