Is Mario Williams' heart still in Houston?

Lately, Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams is making a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. Whether it’s complaining about hands to the face or his wrist injury, each time Bills fans are getting more restless with excuses for his lack of performance.

But Williams dropped another doozy of a different kind Wednesday. He told a Houston television station that he never wanted to leave the Texans.

Even if that’s how he truly feels, it’s probably not what the Bills want to hear from their $100 million investment when the team is trying to turn things around.

"I didn't want to enter free agency in the first place,” Williams candidly told KRIV-TV. “But it was a one-way door given to me by the GM to leave Houston. I want the fans there to know entering free agency was not my decision."

What about the fans in Buffalo? Is Williams' heart into the Bills this year or still in Houston? It sounds like Williams, if he had his druthers, would prefer to still play for the Texans, who are contending for the Super Bowl.

“The way things ended, I definitely feel like it was kind of a rough and all-of-the-sudden goodbye,” Williams said. “There's some things that I'm definitely uneasy about, the final decision-making that happened there.”

It’s time for Williams to move on. He is no longer a Texan and perhaps Sunday’s game will bring closure. It’s time for Williams to make an impact for his current employer -- and stop thinking about his former employer.