Roscoe Parrish: Resume speaks for itself


The Buffalo Bills have benched Roscoe Parrish, the NFL's top punt returner the past to years and the 55th overall pick in the 2005 draft.

Parrish doesn't understand Bills head coach Dick Jauron's decision and spoke to reporters Thursday at his locker stall for the first time since he was a healthy scratch Sunday. Adam Benigni of Buffalo's NBC affiliate, WGRZ, has posted some video of Parrish's interview.

Parrish is Buffalo's career leader in punt return average. He averaged 15.3 yards last year and 16.3 yards the year before.

But Parrish had been reckless on a couple returns and muffed a punt that set up the Cleveland Browns for the winning field goal in Week 5.

"To be honest with you -- not to badmouth nobody, not to badmouth Jauron -- my resume speaks for itself," Parrish said Thursday. "When you see my resume, and then you see me not returning punts, it's kind of like 'Wow, what is going on?'

"I'm not going to sit up here and just be negative with the whole situation toward Dick Jauron, but it's a situation you look at it like 'This guy here led the league two years in a row, and the year before he didn't lead he finished third.' "

Jauron not only took the job away from Parrish and gave it Fred Jackson, but also deactivated Parrish for Sunday's overtime victory against the New York Jets. Parrish also is a receiver, but with Terrell Owens, Lee Evans and Josh Reed on the roster, Parrish was an afterthought in the offense.

Parrish spoke with me in training camp about his desire to be traded because the Bills were reluctant to use him as a receiver. He was unhappy to be limited to returning punts. Now, he's not doing that.

Parrish was asked what the Bills told him when they made the decision.

"What was said was the depth chart and me not dressing," Parrish said. "What can possibly be said, that I'm not doing a good job because of one game? It's a long season."