Morning take: Still Sanchez over Tebow

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC East:

Morning take: I’ve commented plenty of times on Ryan’s undying loyalty to Sanchez. Ryan refuses to make a quarterback change to Tim Tebow even when the ship is sinking, and this ultimately will reflect on the head coach.

  • Dolphins tailback Reggie Bush apologizes to Miami fans for his performance Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

Morning take: Bush hasn’t quite been the same since his knee injury. But Bush says that’s not the reason for his struggles. There’s still plenty of football left for Bush to bounce back.

Morning take: There will only be one playoff team in the AFC East this year -- and that’s the New England Patriots. Buffalo (3-6) blew its chance with poor play this year and so did the Jets (3-6) and Dolphins (4-5).

  • Patriots safety Devin McCourty says he was in the right place at the right time with his game-saving interceptions against the Bills.

Morning take: The Patriots’ secondary struggled once again but made the big play when they had to. This is the biggest weakness for the reigning AFC champs, and one that could cost the team against better competition.