AFC East Homer of the Week

You would think our community is humbled by the overall poor play in the AFC East. Even New England Patriots fans have little to brag about this week after edging the lowly Buffalo Bills at home.

But there are always big-time homers who won’t face reality. We got another classic recently in our AFC East inbox.


Zach from Cambridge, Mass., writes: You heard it here first -- the Bills WILL make the playoffs. They will Sweep the Dolphins, beat the Colts, the defense comes alive and they take care of business against lesser foes. Having already played New England twice, Houston and San Francisco once, they have no games left that will be remotely as difficult. Probably 9-7, or perhaps 10-6. The Bills are on the road to the playoffs!

James Walker: Zach, the Bills’ season is over because they already have six losses. Therefore, they must run the table to get to 10-6. The Bills haven’t shown anything this year to believe they reel off seven straight wins, or even six of seven. Ryan Fitzpatrick is perhaps the streakiest quarterback in the NFL. He played well last year, but Buffalo cannot win consistently with him because “Bad Fitz” is going to show up again at some point. Fitzpatrick is not going to have seven straight great games and neither are the Bills. Congrats on being our latest “Homer of the Week.”