Tale of two Ryans at quarterback

Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Fitzpatrick share the same first name. But expect to see two very different quarterbacks in Thursday's nationally televised game between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.

There are many things that separate these two players, such as experience and playing style. But perhaps the most glaring difference is the quarterbacks' ability -- and inability -- to throw the deep ball.

Tannehill leads the NFL in long-ball accuracy, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He's completed 54.2 percent of passes 21 yards or more and has a 127.1 passer rating when throwing deep. Tannehill has a big arm and is very effective when using it.

Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick is dead last in long-ball accuracy. He's just 4-of-22 (18.2 percent) on passes 21 yards or longer. Fitzpatrick has an NFL-worst 41.1 passer rating when trying to throw deep. It's also resulted in three interceptions.

Thursday will mark the first head-to-head meeting between these two AFC East quarterbacks. Both players can be effective in their own way. But when it comes to deep passes, Tannehill has a huge advantage over Fitzpatrick.