Calls and Effect: AFC East penalty tracker

There's value in taking a look beyond the number of penalties a team commits to see what it's being flagged for most often.

If a team keeps getting caught for the same infraction, it can be telling.

Nine teams have double-digit flags for a specific penalty. But four of them -- the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers -- have hit double figures in two categories.

As one would expect, false start and offensive holding are hindering these teams the most. They are football's two most commonly called fouls.

The Bills have been whistled for 16 false starts (most in the NFL) and 10 offensive holdings. Those penalties account for 43 percent of their league-high 61 flags, including declined and offsetting fouls.

Left tackle Demetrius Bell has the most false starts with four, half of his league-high eight penalties. But it should be noted Cincinnati Bengals guard Andrew Whitworth caught him in total flags, albeit with one more game, and Bell made it through his first NFL game without a penalty in Sunday's sudden-death victory over the Jets.

The Jets have been whistled a dozen times each for false starts and holding. The Pittsburgh Steelers lead the NFL with 13 offensive holding calls. But no Jets offensive player has been called for holding more than once. Ahmad Carroll is the only player with two, and both of those came Sunday on punts.

One other recurring penalty has the Jets atop the league: 12 defensive men on the field. The Jets have been caught three times out of the 11 times it has been called league-wide.

Most commonly called against the New England Patriots have been six false starts, but they've been flagged for delay of game five times. Shame on you, Tom Brady.

The Miami Dolphins also have an unusual No. 2 penalty beyond their eight false starts. They've committed defensive pass interference four times for 70 yards. Left cornerback Will Allen has been responsible for three, tying him with St. Louis Rams cornerback Ron Bartell for the league lead.