Twenty AFC East reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving is a special day to put all our worries aside and be grateful for the things we have.

It’s been a rough season for our AFC East community. Only one team -- the New England Patriots (7-3) -- has a winning record. The Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are all 4-6 and have provided their fans plenty of headaches.

But it's time to bring some holiday cheer on Thanksgiving. Here are 20 AFC East reasons to be thankful:

  • Reason No. 1: No team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs

  • Reason No. 2: Tom Brady is still going strong

  • Reason No. 3: Ryan Tannehill's rookie development

  • Reason No. 4: C.J. Spiller's explosiveness

  • Reason No. 5: Tim Tebow's high character

  • Reason No. 6: Mario Williams is turning the corner

  • Reason No. 7: Dolphins cap room and draft picks

  • Reason No. 8: Buffalo's awesome pregame tailgating

  • Reason No. 9: The Jets-Patriots rivalry

  • Reason No. 10: "Good Fitz" (Not bad "Fitz")

  • Reason No. 11: Leodis McKelvin’s kick returns

  • Reason No. 12: Patriots drafting Chandler Jones

  • Reason No. 13: Buffalo's easy remaining schedule

  • Reason No. 14: The Aqib Talib trade

  • Reason No. 15: Wes Welker constantly getting open

  • Reason No. 16: Buffalo’s screen game

  • Reason No. 17: Patriots' up-tempo, high-scoring offense

  • Reason No. 18: Defensive tackles Randy Starks and Paul Soliai

  • Reason No. 19: Patriots' abundance of tight ends

  • Reason No. 20: The AFC East blog (wink, wink)