Complaint department: Henne vs. Tannehill

We get all kinds of interesting emails in our AFC East inbox. This one comes from a Miami Dolphins fan who wanted to vent about the Ryan Tannehill-Chad Henne debate.

  • Paul from Mooresville, NC writes: Hey James, I’ve become a big fan of the weekly "Knee-Jerk Reactions" column that you and the other bloggers produce each week. While they don’t always mirror my own personal views or reaction, they're never that far off. HOWEVER, this weeks "I want Chad Henne back" comment was so far and beyond the realm of sanity I had to say something. Yes, Mr. Henne filled in quite magnanimously for Blaine Gabbert. But it’s still Henne! I think anyone who has cheered for Miami the last couple seasons would agree -- that’s the absolute LAST thing we'd want to happen. Heck, I'd take Jay Fiedler, Sage Rosenfels, even Cleo Lemon ANY DAY before I call up Chad Henne. Besides, at the end of the day Henne did for the Jaguars what he did for the Fins week in and week out for years: lose. Keep up the good work, James. Hopefully you don’t have too many people like me still salty about the Henne-era.

James Walker: Thanks for the interesting thoughts, Paul. I agree that most intelligent Dolphins fans know that Henne was not the answer in Miami. He had four years filled with inconsistency and injuries. It was time for both sides to move on, and now Henne gets his second chance in Jacksonville. The Dolphins did the right thing and drafted Tannehill, who should get the next few years to show his worth. It's too early to say whether Tannehill is the answer. But I like some of the things I’ve seen from him. He can make all the throws, and also has a natural leadership ability and calming presence that Henne did not have. Tannehill’s ceiling is higher than Henne's.