Seahawks-Dolphins halftime update

MIAMI -- The Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks are tied, 7-7, at halftime.

Here are some notes at intermission:

  • This is an ugly game offensively. Seattle failed to get a first down until the second quarter and neither team could get anything going until the end of the half. The Seahawks are looking typical of most West Coast teams making the long trip to Miami. Seattle got off to a slow start but mustered a late Russell Wilson touchdown pass before intermission. Starting tailback Reggie Bush’s 21-yard touchdown was the only points of the game in the first half for the Dolphins.

  • Miami’s offensive line is struggling once again. This once strong unit continues to get little push in the running game and allowing too much pressure on rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Miami left tackle Jake Long allowed another sack to Chris Clemons. Long allowing sacks is becoming too much of a reoccurrence. But all five offensive linemen are failing to dominate in the trenches.

  • The Dolphins are making it a point for Seattle not to run against them. Miami’s run defense has slipped in recent weeks. So the Dolphins are constantly run blitzing to keep Seattle tailback Marshawn Lynch at bay. Lynch has just 12 rushing yards on nine carries.

  • We don’t have an official attendance count. But based on the eye test, this is one of the smallest crowds of the season. Part of it could be Seattle is not a sexy opponent. But overall, Dolphins fans just don’t believe in this team or won't pay to support them. The Dolphins also are buying up a lot of their own tickets, because the game wasn’t blacked out in Miami.