Dolphins' Super Fan rips Fireman Ed

He's not as famous as Fireman Ed. But Miami Dolphins' Super Fan "Big Papa Pump" had some choice words for his rival counterpart.

The Dolphins’ most rabid fan went on ESPN 790 The Ticket in Miami Tuesday and ripped Fireman Ed for walking out on the New York Jets this week.

Here is what Big Papa Pump had to say:

"You’re stepping down because of what you’re seeing? You’re getting your butt whipped week in and week out and you haven’t been to the Super Bowl since Super Bowl III. That is a wuss. You don’t back out on your team like that. That’s something you don’t do. You don’t step down from being a Super Fan. You don’t do that. Fireman Ed, you’re a disgrace, man. There are kids looking up to him. And this is what he’s telling them? Oh, we quit and you just give up? If you’re winning and you quit, that’s another thing. But you’re losing and you quit. That’s even worse.”


Stepping down from being a Super Fan obviously didn’t sit well with Big Papa Pump. To Fireman Ed’s credit, he says he will still attend Jets games, but only as a regular fan in the stands.