Jets fans react to QB controversy

The hottest topic in the AFC East this week has been the controversy between New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy.

We offered our opinion on Tuesday, and Jets head coach Rex Ryan agreed by choosing Sanchez.

Here is what our AFC East community had to say about it this week:

Baruch Gitlin from Israel writes: I say play McElroy! He seems to have a lot of poise and confidence, two things Sanchez has lost or maybe never had. He can throw -- at least at a limited range. He looks like someone that can develop into a Chad Pennington-type of QB, which would certainly be an improvement. In short, he may be capable of being the game manager QB for a ground-and-pound attack that the Jets wanted Sanchez to be. Let's see what he can do now so they can get a good idea of what they have for the future.

Jon from New York City writes: Big Jets fan here. They should give McElroy a shot. Sanchez and Tebow aren't the answer. If McElroy is, great, and if not, they need to rebuild through the draft anyway so I don't see the downside.

Kathy Dunn from Atlanta writes: I think the Jets should play McElroy for the next couple of games and find out what they have. Sanchez might benefit from just watching with no pressure. I also think they should dump Tebow after the season, he is nothing more than a gimmick and the experiment has failed.

Stephen Andriani from Selkirk, N.Y., writes: Just read your article on Mark Sanchez and it seems to me that you are one of the few out there that know what you are talking about. Sanchez has made his mistakes this year, but his supporting cast has been, let's say, less than stellar. What happens in the next few weeks is going to tell us more about Rex Ryan than about anyone else.

RJ from N.J. writes: Good article, James. A lot of writers are taking the easy way out and running Sanchez out of town. I could not agree with you more.

James Sireci from Daytona Beach, Fla. writes: Tebow has earned a chance to start this season, especially in his hometown against the Jaguars. He will bring not only the normal above average Tebow energy but also the added magic of playing in front of friends and family. I like McElroy, but you cant't ignore the dynamic that Tebow will bring to this game.

Ryan from Bend, Ore., writes: I know you are a Tebow hater but I believe the JETS can and would WIN with Tebow starting. The JETS wanted to ground and pound and with Tebow, they can do just that. And Tebow does deserve a shot, after all he has been willing to do for the JETS. Tebowing!!!

Geoff from Martinez, Calif., writes: As a Jet fan there have been many ups and downs following the progress of Sanchez. The biggest problem with him is that he is not mentally strong enough to be an NFL QB. He is too slow processing play, and he too often makes the wrong decision during it. When something goes wrong it eats at him and leads him into a downward spiral. This is a problem that is not coachable. Unfortunately it is time to move on.

I agreed with Ryan's decision. But a majority of responses wanted McElroy. We will see how things play out this week when the Jets travel to face the Jacksonville Jaguars.