Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch

The race for the No. 2 quarterback in the AFC East is coming down to the wire in the final weeks.

Let's take a look at the latest "Sachchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch."

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Result: W, 17-10 against Jacksonville

Stats: 12-of-19, 111 yards

QBR: 41.6

Analysis: It wasn’t a standout performance by Sanchez. But it was an efficient and winning performance. Sanchez led the Jets to 17 second half points and didn’t make any mistakes. This is the way he has to play for the Jets to win. As long as the Jets can run effectively, Sanchez can be successful. New York rushed for 166 yards against an awful Jacksonville defense.

Grade: C

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills

Result: L, 15-12 against St. Louis

Stats: 25-of-33, 247 yards, one TD, one INT

QBR: 41.3

Analysis: This is a hard game to grade, because Fitzpatrick did his job for three quarters. But in typical Fitzpatrick form, he stalled in the fourth quarter and threw a late interception. Much of the blame is on Bills coach Chan Gailey. I’m still trying to figure out why tailback C.J. Spiller only gets seven carries in a close game. But Fitzpatrick threw the ball a lot and only mustered 12 points.

Grade: C-minus

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

Result: L, 27-13 against San Francisco

Stats: 17-of-33, 150 yards, one TD

QBR: 37.0

Analysis: Tannehill had a tough assignment going on the West Coast to play a fast and physical 49ers defense. But Tannehill hung in there and played decent at times. Tannehill’s completion percentage is low because he did a lot of scrambling and throwing the ball away. It was clear he did not want to take sacks or commit turnovers against San Francisco’s vaunted defense. But that strategy didn’t result in enough points.

Grade: C-minus

First place: Sanchez (three points)

Second place (tie): Fitzpatrick and Tannehill (two points)

Overall standings

1. Sanchez (29 points)

2. Tannehill (28 points)

3. Fitzpatrick (26 points)

There are just three game left to determine the second-best quarterback in the AFC East in 2012. Check back next week for another exciting (wink, wink) installment of the "Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch."