Can Jets really make the playoffs?

It would be one of the most amazing comeback stories of 2012.

The New York Jets -- a team most left for dead -- still has a shot to the make the playoffs in January.

Yes, those Jets. That team that recently benched its starting quarterback, lost its best defensive (Darrelle Revis) and offensive (Santonio Holmes) players and is known to backbite teammates on occasion.

This isn't just a shot in the dark or not being mathematically eliminated. The Jets actually have a chance at the final wild-card slot in the AFC with just three weeks left in the regular season.

New York (6-7) is one game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) and Cincinnati Bengals (7-6), but the Jets have a much easier schedule.

The key for the Jets is to win out. New York has three winnable games to close out the season, although two are on the road. Both the Steelers and Bengals have significantly tougher schedules. Nine wins by the Jets would put a ton of pressure on Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

The Steelers and Bengals play each other in Week 16. That will be an elimination game for one of these three playoff contenders. If the Jets keep winning, they have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.