Remember the offseason?

We run a full-accountability blog in the AFC East. And with the 2012 regular season nearly in the books, it's a good time for another spectacular edition of "Remember the offseason."

These were statements and predictions made by fans in our AFC East community before the season began. With the work week coming to an end, this is comic relief heading into the weekend.


New England Patriots (10-3)

  • 2012-Jets 7.0 writes: “What a crap roster the Pats have when you look at it. One real WR, still only 2 TEs with no RBs and most of all five backup OL starting. Then the D is just a pile of no named, often injured mush outside of the declining Vince Wilfork. Looks like a nice draft pick headed to NE in eight months.

  • ILongToAscend writes: “Hard to see the Patriots winning more than eight games this year.”

  • DolphinsLetsGo writes: “AFC East is gonna be the most competitive division in the league this year. I can’t wait to see what happens."

New York Jets (6-7)

  • Putmalk writes: “I think Aaron Maybin's gonna have a good year. He's good at what he does and he seemed fast in the preseason. The only thing is he needs to complete his plays.”

  • Scalzo31 writes: “The Jets may have got a better QB than Mark Sanchez in Tim Tebow.”

  • SwinsWithTheFishes wrote: “I have the Jets finishing last in the division. Ryan will be fired by week 10 and the gutless players they have will quit again.”

  • PatsRNumber1 writes: “The jets will go 5-11 this season and continue their long tradition of mediocrity.”

  • WildPhins writes: “What does a New York Jets fan do when his team has won the Super Bowl? A: He turns off the XBox.” (Sorry. I just thought that was funny.)

Buffalo Bills (5-8)

  • CR7 Best in Word writes: “If Fred Jackson can stay healthy, the Bills will finish ahead of the Jets this season.”

  • KenPro11 writes: "I told everybody this but Scott Chandler is better than Gronk. Chandler this year will have more yards and less TD's than Gronk."

  • DanielHorvath writes: “I’m telling you. Receiver Marcus Easley is the man. If he stays healthy this dude will kill it."

  • New England Jingo writes: “I want to see the Bills do damage this year. They look like the only other team (besides NE) in the AFC East that knows what they are doing.”

  • VinceCurry writes: “I'd honestly start Vince Young over Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that’s not gonna happen.”

Miami Dolphins (5-8)

  • DolphinsLETSgo again writes: “The Dolphins are not rebuilding. I am tired of hearing that.”

  • Zen88mx writes: “I'm glad no one in the media thinks very highly of the Fins, because when was the last time the media was right about anything?”

  • MorePhin writes: “The Dolphins won't score a lot of points? Remember that, Walker...I can't wait to shove that comment back in your face in a few months.” (Dolphins are 27th in scoring at 18.5 points per game.)

  • LBPETSKY2010 writes: “WRs will be Chad Johnson, Clyde Gates and Davone Bess. Solid. Defense will hold to teams to 20 points or less. Kicker Dan Carpenter will be key. I say 11-5 and win the division.”

  • BrianDFan70 writes: “From what I have seen at the practices WRs Legedu Naanee, Julius Pruitt and Roberto Wallace have been impressive. I also am hearing that out of the rookie WRs Fuller has been the most consistent and the most impressive.”

  • BillPig7907 writes: “Dolphins wins this year: St Louis, Oakland, Indianapolis, Buffalo, Jets, Jets, New England, Tennessee, Arizona, Seattle, Jacksonville.”

Remember the offseason?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.