Week 8 power rankings: AFC East

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Check out the ESPN.com Week 8 NFL power rankings.

You won't see any wild movement among the AFC East teams, but everybody changed position from last week. Three went up; one went down.

The mighty power rankings commission consists of ESPN.com senior writers John Clayton and Jeffri Chadiha, AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson filled in for Kuharsky last week, but was a healthy scratch now that Kuharsky is back.

No. 5 New England Patriots

  • Last week's rating: No. 6

  • Best rating: No. 5 (Chadiha)

  • Worst rating: No. 6 (Clayton, Kuharsky, Sando)

  • Note: Almost no disagreement among the panelists here. Another blowout kept the Patriots alone in front of the AFC East and nudged them one spot upward in the power rankings. They moved ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals, who drubbed the Chicago Bears. Looks like a scandal to me.

No. 15 New York Jets

  • Last week's rating: No. 18

  • Best rating: No. 9 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 17 (Chadiha, Sando)

  • Note: The Jets have been volatile in the rankings, and Kuharsky's return to the power-rankings lineup made sure they made another significant shift. The eight-spot disparity from Kuharsky to Chadiha and Sando was the largest in this week's poll. The Jets moved up three spots. Only the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals leaped higher.

No. 19 Miami Dolphins

  • Last week's rating: No. 20

  • Best rating: No. 17 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 20 (Chadiha)

  • Note: The Dolphins haven't experienced much movement in the polls because they're too competitive to drop but lose too often to lift. Since the season opener, they've ranked 19th, 19th, 24th, 21st, 18th, 20th and 19th.

No. 22 Buffalo Bills

  • Last week's rating: No. 24

  • Best rating: No. 21 (Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 23 (Chadiha, Kuharsky)

  • Note: Back-to-back road victories have moved the Bills almost back to their preseason ranking of No. 21, but they're up only three spots from their season-low rating heading into Week 6.