Notes on AFC East power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Here's a look at AFC East teams in the Week 7 edition of ESPN.com's NFL power rankings.

No. 4 Buffalo Bills: They didn't play, yet moved up four spots because the top third of last week's poll was obliterated with losses, many of them ugly. Seven of the top 10 teams lost, and the other three had byes.

The Bills went from sixth in Week 5 to eighth after losing to the Arizona Cardinals to fourth. Further justifying the Bills' climb was the Cardinals' victory over the Dallas Cowboys, who were No. 4.

But I couldn't justify moving the Bills ahead of the Cardinals, as nine of my colleagues did. The Cardinals just beat them badly two weeks ago. NFC South reporter Pat Yasinskas rated the Bills 12 spots higher than the Cardinals, but nobody had the Bills ranked worse than No. 9.

My Bills vote: No. 6, up three spots from last week.

No. 16 New York Jets: For the second straight week they've nudged three spots upward.

NFC East reporter Bill Williamson likes the Jets more than anybody, ranking them seventh. But AFC South reporter Paul Kuharsky hasn't been impressed, slotting them 22nd.

The 15-place gap between high and low is our fourth-highest this week, with the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars generating a slightly bigger margin and the New Orleans Saints producing the widest gap.

My Jets vote: No. 15, up six spots from last week.

No. 17 New England Patriots: They dropped eight positions from Week 6, but they didn't tumble the farthest. The Chicago Bears plummeted 10 spots.

The Patriots, coming off Sunday night's 30-10 loss to the San Diego Chargers, were all over the place in this week's polls. Scouts Inc. cohorts Jeremy Green and Matt Williamson ranked the Patriots 11th and 25th, respectively.

Seven pollsters ranked the Patriots ahead of the Jets.

My Patriots vote: No. 16, down six spots from last week.

No. 24 Miami Dolphins: The pollsters were remarkably consistent with the Dolphins. Nobody had them better than 22nd or worse than 25th.

The Dolphins slid only one spot after their tough road loss to the Houston Texans on a fourth-down quarterback draw in the waning seconds.

My Dolphins vote: No. 25, down two spots from last week.