Morning take: Hartline, Bess on the mend

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC East:

  • Miami Dolphins receivers Brian Hartline and Davone Bess could miss Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills with a pair of back injuries.

Morning take: These could be big for Miami. Hartline and Bess combine for most of Miami's passing attack. That will make the Dolphins much easier to defend.

Morning take: My sleeper pick was caught napping this year. The Bills just couldn't get over their losing culture this year, partially due to poor coaching decisions and inconsistent quarterback play.

Morning take: The Jets spoke with their actions that they don’t think Tebow is that good. Everything else from there is just lip service. Things didn’t work out and it’s time to move on.

Morning take: New England probably won’t get much resistance from the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. But the Dolphins could be a tricky game based on the first meeting.